Arizona Eliminates Sand from Community Water

Arizona Eliminates Sand from Community Water

Application: Turbine Pump Protection

System Identification: LAKOS PPS Units

Solids/Liquid: Municipal Water Supply From Well

Problem/Challenge: Keeping Sand Out Of The Water Supply

Problem: The abrasive sand found in the wells of Queen Creek, Arizona was no match for a LAKOS Pump Protection Separator. After spending thousands of dollars per well replacing sand worn bowls and impellers on turbine pumps, Queen Creek Water Company searched for a long term solution. Nearly 8,000 houses west of Phoenix depend on Queen Creek Water Company for their lawns, appliances, and drinking water. The hot and arid climate of central Arizona leaves municipalities no room for downtime. “We had about one hundred days above 100 degrees last year; a pump going down is a big deal for a community” says Ron Baysinger, Water Plant Operator/Well Supervisor of Queen Creek Water.

Solution and Results: After researching their options, Queen Creek chose LAKOS Pump Protection Separators to solve their costly sand problems. Their booster pumps and storage tanks also reap the benefits of pump protection: “Sand affects every part of a water system” says Baysinger, “we chose the down-hole separator to protect every part.” Today, Queen Creek Water Co. includes a LAKOS Pump Protection Sand Separator on every new well added to the system.

AB-212 Queens Creek Pump Protection