Industrial Laundry Replaces Shaker Screens with LAKOS Separators

Industrial Laundry Replaces Shaker Screens with LAKOS Separators For Wash Water Re-Use

System Identification: Mixing/holding tanks & heat exchanger on wash water recycling process

Solids/Liquid: Sand & grit/Municipal water, recycled

Problem: Shaker screens, though seemingly an “industry standard” in the industrial laundry business, became an increasingly troublesome and intensive maintenance problem for ALSCO Linen in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Important to remove solids prior to mixing/holding tank (to prevent unwanted solids accumulation) and heat exchanger (to prevent fouling and reduced heat transfer efficiency).

Solution: A complete LAKOS PREP System was installed to replace the shaker screens, removing one cubic yard (765 liters) of sand/solids every two days. Performance, according to Chief Engineer Barry Blumenschein, exceeds that of the shaker screens. System shutdown for routine maintenance is non-existant. Solids are purged automatically into a hopper, concentrating the solids for easy handling and allowing excess purged liquid to return to system use. No system downtime is incurred. No liquid loss. Continuous operation. A coarse strainer is employed prior to the LAKOS Separator to remove lint and other fibrous material not separable by LAKOS.

AB-204 ALSCO Linen Wash Water - Laundry

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