Installing PPS Protects Farm Well Pumps

Installing PPS Protects Farm Well Pumps

System: Agricultural Water Supply

Solids: Sand, Silt, Dirt, Stone, Other Organic Material from Well

Liquid: Agricultural Water Supply From Well

Problem/Challenge: Keeping Sand Out Of The Water Supply

Solution: LAKOS PPS Units

With not enough water to keep their fields adequately irrigated, The Hay Barn in Florence, Arizona decided to refurbish two 12 year-old wells to supplement their water allotment. “We didn’t have nearly enough water to keep our farm going so we got two of our old wells running again.” says Daniel Guerra, manager of The Hay Barn. Just three months after installation, a sudden infiltration of sand destroyed one of the pumps overnight. The exact same thing happened to the other pump just a few months later. Still in need of the additional water, The Hay Barn bought another set of pumps and motors. They also installed LAKOS Pump Protection Separators to guard their investment, fearing further costly sand damage. “Getting both wells running again was expensive. We didn’t want to put any more money into another pump without knowing it would last.” says Guerra. The two wells have provided The Hay Barn with the extra needed water for their crop. Both of the pumps have been running for four years, neither of which has shown any sign of sand wear whatsoever.

AB-213 HayBarn Pump Protection