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LAKOS Recommended Products

LGS Groundwater Sand Separator

LGS Separators use centrifugal action to remove sand, dirt, and silt from groundwater. Installed on the discharge side of the well pump, LGS separators filter out sand before it can reach drip emitters and other downstream equipment. There are no screens, moving parts, discs, or fill media to replace or maintain. LGS Separators are uniquely engineered to remove settleable solids commonly found in groundwater. Filtration efficiencies average up to 99% of particles 74 microns and larger.

ILB-ILS Separators

Ideally suited for smaller system applications, LAKOS ILB-ILS Centrifugal Separators are the popular choice for removing sand, grit, and other fine solids from water systems, removing up to 98% of particles 74 microns and larger. ILB-ILS feature a heavy duty design for systems with higher solids concentration.