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LAKOS Recommended Products

PWC Municipal Separators

LAKOS PWC Municipal Separators are the industry’s only NSF-61 certified centrifugal Separators, making them the ideal solution for public waterwork applications. PWC Separators do not require backwashing – eliminating downtime, routine maintenance and system depressurization. The PWC is rated to remove up to 98% of all sand-like particles that are 74 microns and larger in just a single pass.

JSK Scotchkote™ Separator

Building off the industry tested and proven design of the LAKOS JPX Separator, the JSK Separator features an internal 3M™ Scotchkote™ 134 coating. The Scotchkote™ 134 coating makes the wetted surfaces of the Separator resistant to corrosive chemicals, wastewater, sea water, and hydrocarbons. The JSK removes up to 98% of particles 74 microns (2.4 SG) and larger in just a single pass, with minimal water loss and unit maintenance.