SUB-K Series - Low-Flow Pump Protection Sand Separators

Flow Range: 3 - 99 U.S. gpm (.7 - 23 m³/hr)                        

Dramatically extend submersible pump life and save energy with the LAKOS SUB-K pump protection separator. Using patented centrifugal action, unwanted solids are removed from the water before it can enter the pump and damage impellers. The SUB-K features no moving parts to wear out, no screens to replace, and no routine maintenance. Trouble-free and effective, the SUB-K reduces abrasive wear, maintains optimum pump yield, saves on energy costs, prevents breakdowns, and improves flow.

The SUB-K operates using the same general principles as the LAKOS PPS Separator, which is used for higher flow rated submersible pumps (above 100 US gpm) and for all turbine pumps. The SUB-K and PPS have slightly different designs to maximize performance in their applications. Watch the animated PPS How It Works video.