Cooking Oil/Food Processing

See our complete Cooking Oil Filtration Brochure, LS-630.

Cooking oil must remain clear and clean for maximum production efficiency, as well as product appearance and taste. Crumbs and “fines” will reduce oil clarity. Proper filtration with a LAKOS CSX Separator or FrySafe system will prevent this from happening. Results are typically:

    • Less oil used, reducing costs
    • Less labor time changing bags and maintenance, reducing costs
    • Better tasting products
    • Improved appearance of products (cooking occurs more evenly to food being deep-fried)
    • LAKOS has two products designed specifically for the challenges of filtering hot cooking oil – the CSX Separator and the complete FrySafe System. Download our Cooking Oil Filtration Brochure (LS-630) for information.

For general food processing and removing dirt from water, our other filtration solutions (such as JPX or ILB or PRX) are often used with great success.

Sugar Mill Filtration

LAKOS Separators and purge handling equipment are an effective solution in both cane and beet sugar processing to help reduce energy and labor costs. Multiple units are often installed in parallel as a Bi-Sep (2) or Tri-Sep (3) configuration.

In sugar cane applications, the unit removes sand and dirt from sugar cane juice during processing. In addition, the LAKOS Separator can also remove a percentage of the fiber (bagasse). The unit is typically installed to pre-filter and reduce the unwanted solids loads on the clarifier as well as reduce downstream filtration requirements. This reduces the wear to the pump’s components as well as protecting heat exchangers.

Effective solids handling of the removed solids allows sugar mills to reclaim valuable sugar cane juice from the solids while limiting liquid loss to a minimum.

The image below demonstrates how a LAKOS CSXStand AloneSeparator or the FrySafeCompleteSystem can fit in your world, to help provide you better filtration.