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Potato Chip Line

LAKOS Cooking Oil Separators

In the 1980’s LAKOS modified its standard centrifugal separator to meet the needs of the frying industry. Building off an already successful design the LAKOS Separator was modified to handle hot cooking oil with the ability to remove crumbs and fines. Installed full-flow on the discharge of the fryer’s oil circulating pump, the CSX Separator maximizes cooking oil quality with no moving parts to wear out or replace. With a LAKOS CSX Separator you can expect:

  • Longer operating cycles between maintenance.
  • Reduced heat exchanger fouling; sustained heat transfer capacity.
  • Consistent cooking oil velocities and elimination of dead spots in the fryer.
  • Operation hazards related to fines boxes eliminated.

FrySafe Cooking Oil System

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Hot Cooking Oil French Fries

French Fry Plant Removes Carbon from Fry Oil

When frying potatoes in oil, carbon residue quickly builds up in circulators, heat exchangers, and in fryers, which reduces efficiency and causes damage to machinery. To solve this issue, six Western states food processing plants installed 11 LAKOS AXL Series Separators allowing little to no carbon residue buildup, maintenance, cost savings, and improved FFA readings. Learn More


Fried Yucca Chips

Hot Cooking Oil Continuously Filtered at Yucca Chip Processing Plant

A yucca chip processor in Ecuador was looking for a way to extend the life of there cooking oil before replacement. However, due to the accumulation of burnt yucca crumbs and fines in the oil, they noticed a drop in chip flavor and appearance and required the oil to be replaced frequently. The plant hastily installed a LAKOS CSX Separator with a crumb box to allow for continuous filtering, increasing oil life by 50%. Learn More


Fried Potato Chips

Potato Chip Company Creates Cleaner Cooking Oil

The build up of solids in a heat exchangers tubes at Backer’s Chips in Fulton, Missouri caused significant clogging problems. The clogging stopped the flow of oil in the tubes and would eventually melt the tubes. Backer’s Chips quickly installed a stainless steel LAKOS FrySafe System in order to remove crumbs and chip pieces before they reached the heat exchanger to prevent the tubes from clogging. Learn More


Fried Snack Foods

Snack Food Company Extends Cooking Oil Life

Snack food companies want their food to be fresh, crisp, and full of flavor while using as little oil as possible. This proved to be quite a challenge for one of the largest snack food manufacturers on the East Coast of the U.S. due to the many problems cooking oils encounter during the frying process. Eight LAKOS CSX Separators were purchased and installed and has extended the life of the cooking oil, producing a better tasting and better looking product. Learn More