Closed Loop Boiler Circuit Discovers Value of LAKOS

System Identification: Closed-loop boiler circuit for building heating system.

Solids/Liquids: Iron oxide, rust, scale, grit

Problem: The motivation to install a LAKOS Separator on the boiler system at the 109th Street Building in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada rested solely on the very satisfying results of using LAKOS on their open-loop cooling towers.

Solution: The LAKOS Separator was installed between the boiler circuit return and supply lines (see flow diagram on reverse). A LAKOS Solids Recovery Vessel (SRV) was employed to capture and concentrate the separated solids for easy disposal. “This is going to reduce my boiler maintenance routines,” exclaimed Ken Waters, Facility Manager, after witnessing the rust, grit, scale and iron oxide being removed from their recirculated water by the LAKOS Separator. “We had no idea there was that much stuff in the closed-loop. I guess you could say that we had come to accept boiler maintenance as expected routine maintenance … but it looks like that’s going to change dramatically now.” Since the LAKOS installation, the annual inspection of the boiler system no longer also requires an annual cleaning of the boiler tubes, curbing labor and shutdown routines. Control valves and pump seals have also required noticeably much less maintenance & cleaning.