Car Wash Customer Testimonies

Testimony From Our Customers:

Lakos Separators Solve Filtration Problems in Car Washes

“We installed a LAKOS In-Line Series Separator in our car wash reclaim system. We are using it to remove the large particles from the reclaimed water to keep our equipment clean. With the drought in Florida, our LAKOS Separator has helped a lot!”

– Barbara Ferguson
Brandon Car Wash
Brandon, Florida


“We are a full-service car wash. The LAKOS Separator was incorporated into our water reclamation and treatment system to remove the sand, grit and fine contaminants. The separator was easy to install, is easy to use and works efficiently. The whole system cleans the water in my pits overnight.”

– Rick Castleberry
Saturn Car Wash
Montgomery, Alabama


“Southern Bell Sub Station installed a LAKOS Separator to remove sand and grit from wash water to protect the spray nozzle system. We use these LAKOS units on all our car washes, and they work well.”

– C.B. Thigpen
Lopez Plumbing & Heating
St. Augustine, Florida


“In my automatic conveyorized car and truck wash, I recycle the soapy water used in the wash process. This dirty water is returned to a 1500 gallon, three-stage settling tank. We needed a fi ner filtration of this water than we were getting from the settling process, so we turned to a LAKOS In-Line Series Separator. This separator is performing very satisfactorily and protecting my spray arches. “

– Alan R. Werner
Major Clean Car Wash, Inc.
Lansdale, Pennsylvania