Heat Pump Distributor Eliminates Number One Problem: Sand

Heat Pump Distributor Eliminates Number One Problem: Sand

To protect the water regulating valves on their groundwater heat pump installations, Decker & Mattison Co., Inc. of Hutchinson, Kansas automatically includes a LAKOS Separator with every system … and it’s all but eliminated their once most common service and operating problem: sand.

“Sand chews up the valve seats on the regulating valves,” says Mr. Brett Mattison, “and that soon leads to constant leaking by the valves. Before long, the system’s pump is operating much too often to replace continuous water loss. It’s a nuisance … and the warranty repairs and replacements were chewing up our profits.” Estimating the cost of parts and labor to replace the valve seats (2 per system) at nearly $120,000. LAKOS has indeed proven to be a cost-saving alternative to this once frequent problem.

“We simply won’t honor that part of the warranty (valve seat replacement) if a customer refuses the installation of a LAKOS Separator,” says Mattison. “It’s solved a world of problems for us … and our customers happily also comment that the strainers on their sinks and tub faucets no longer have to be cleaned.”

Installation of the LAKOS Separator is easy, placed before each system’s pressure tank, and manual purging is most common. “With the LAKOS Separator,” says Mattison, “we feel our customer gets a better value.”

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