Department Store Reduces Costs With LAKOS Separator

Department Store Reduces Costs With LAKOS Separator

Application: Chilled Water Systems & Cooling Towers

Solids: Dirt, Grit, and Other Suspended Solids

Liquid: Cooling Tower Water

Background: A Colorado state energy utility sponsored a study to determine the amount of energy savings that would result from the use of different types of filtration on industrial cooling equipment. May Company (now Federated Department Stores) agreed to take part in the study for several store locations. New plate and frame heat exchangers were installed, and energy usage and costs were calculated over time. LAKOS Separators were then installed in 2003-4 at various locations.

The systems were started and the results were monitored via building management systems and visual inspections through the cooling season. The energy data was computer analyzed and verified by the company’s internal energy use department. In addition to energy costs, additional expenses such as cleaning costs, chemical usage, and water treatment effectiveness were measured, as well as the impact the Separators had on year-end cleaning procedures.

Results: The data clearly shows that in all installations the cost savings (not including health and safety concerns) were quite substantial and resulted in Returns On Investment (ROI) that all exceeded 30%! Not included in these numbers are the additional benefits of:

  • extended equipment life
  • reduced risk of Legionnaire’s Disease
  • reduced chemical usage (between 5-10% is common)
AB-211 May Co Energy Savings