Flow Range: 3 - 290 U.S. gpm (0.7 - 66 m³/hr)                  Maximum Pressure: 150 psi (10.3 bar)


The versatile LAKOS ILB and ILS separators for low-flow applications are used in a wide range of applications all over the world. Ideally suited for small, side-stream installations, the ILB/ILS separators are popular for removing up to 98% of sand, grit and other fine solids down to just 74 microns. The sleek, centrifugal design offers efficient filtration with no moving parts or filters elements to wear out or replace. No back flushing or downtime makes the ILB/ILS a low maintenance solution. Available in carbon (ILB) and stainless (ILS) steel.


How to Determine Particle Removal Performance

Complete ILB & ILS Solution