Stainless Steel Media Filters
for Cooling Towers

Flow Range: 18 - 310 U.S. gpm (4 - 70 m³/hr)

The LAKOS STS media tanks are engineered for the demands of applications on cooling towers, as well as open and closed loops systems, down to 5 microns. These tower system sand filters offer a full range of applications to meet your specific needs. The effective under drain design provides uniform flow through the sand media, offering the industry-low pressure loss.


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  • General Specifications

    * Flow range is based on the guideline of 15-25 US gpm/ft2. Models also available at higher flow rates.
    **Include media sand
    All single-tank systems may be specified either automatic or manual backwash control and choice of system or city water for backwash supply.
    Standard Power requirement of 460 volt, 3 phase; specify other voltage is required.
    Filtration media is 5 micron as standard.  Consult factory for optional filtration down to 0.5 micron.
    All STS system pumps are rated 50 feet TDH. 


    All drawing show indicate "system water backwash" configurations.  Consult factory for "city water backwash" option.  Dimensions above apply to both systems.
    *These tanks can be configured for Basin Sweeping.  

  • ASME

    Internal 3M Scotchkote Coating

    Stainless Steel Material

  • Download Brochure

    LS-640 STS Brochure LS-640 STS Brochure (2486 KB)

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    LS-644 STS Install Guide LS-644 STS Install Guide (3893 KB)

  • Download Sample Spec

    LS-040 STS (CSI) Spec Sheet LS-040 STS (CSI) Spec Sheet (34 KB)